CH Banchory Peerless ROM
Can CH Banchory Black Fashion
CH Banchory Beau Of Cedarhope
CH Banchory Classic Image ROM
Am/Can CH Glamoor's Capture The Image Can ROM
Cameo White Minx
Sanchar Crystal Classic CD
CH Banchory Classic Image ROM
Can CH Sanchar Glamoor V.I.P.
Banchory Painted On
CH Sanchar World Class
Tall Timber Teresa
CH Banchory Peerless ROM
CH Banchory Feel My Thunder
Planned repeat breeding
to be made early 2001.

Banchory Act 1 Moonglow
Act 1 Summertime
CH Cee Bar Blue On Blue
Can CH Act 1 Catch My Spirit
CH Banchory Peerless ROM
Skywards Piece Of My Heart
Banchory Darkness
Banchory Painted On
Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM
CH Trilight Strike A Clear Note
CH Skywards Rhythms Gonna Get 'Ya 4 CH
CH Skywards We Be Jammin' 3 CH
Tall Timber Sierra Tango
CH Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM
Kabrins Whirlwind Mystique mjr ptd
Skywards Repeat The Beat 10 pts, mjr