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3 Specialty Mjrs
Sting is owned by Simone Rudolph of Glamoor Shelties in Manitoba, Canada and is currently here
on lease through the spring of 2001. He has 10 plus Canadian Champions, with several more close
to finishing. Sting has been a hidden treasure in Canada, unused by breeders in the States until now.
Sting is typical of his Banchory bloodlines with his heavily linebred Formal Notice/Deep Purple
pedigree. Sting won majors at Lochland SSC, Iowa City SSC and the Northern Alabama SSC on the
way to his title.

Watch for Sting in the Stud Dog Class and Best of Breed at Riverside in

Sting Excels in:

* Head detail and expression
* Outline
* Structure & Movement
* Balance

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