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Skywards Kharisma
Skywards Repeat The Beat
Skywards A Piece Of My Heart
Tall Timber Waiting To Exhale
CH Skywards Whiter Shade of Pale
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Bailey's show career started by providing us with our most embarassing moment ever - and it
just happened to be in front of everyone at the Spokane National! We knew we had
something special in Bailey and wanted to have her look her best. We sent her in the ring with
our dear friend Christy Berger (Shadypines). Unbeknownst to all of us Bailey picked this
moment to forget how to walk on lead. It was her idea to just stand there and look pretty.
Well, the judge (Barb Curry) thought it might be a better idea if she moved. After embarassing
Christy to death by making her "lead train her off in the corner" , the judge decided to have
the owner come in the ring to show her (in her boots and jeans!). Bailey decided to walk (sort
of) and went on to win the class!!! What a mix of emotions that was. To this day Christy will
ask us if they walk on lead! Since then Bailey has been shown a handful of times, winning a Best
In Sweepstakes at the ICSSC and a 4 pt major at the CRKC. Bred to CH Tall Timber Far Out
Frisco ROM she has given us our extra special boy Can CH Skywards As Good As It Gets
Bailey's pedigree
National Class Winner
Bailey's pedigree
4 pt major
Watch for Bailey's kids from her breeding to our visitor Am/Can CH. Glamoor's Capture
The Image ROMC:

Skywards Classic Impact Co-owned with Linda Dinderman, Winfall Shelties
Skywards Capture The Look Owned by Bev Klassen, Attridge Shelties
Skywards The Fifth Element Co-owned by Debbie and Natli Vanderwerken, Lochleven Shelties
Skywards He's Got The Look Owned by Cindy Price
Skyward Echowyn Mystique Owned by Krys Messer, Echowyn Shelties
Skyward Echowyn Stone Mason Owned by Kyrs Messer, Echowyn Shelties

We are planning to repeat this outstanding litter as soon as Bailey comes
back in season.