Laurie & Echo
It is our goal to produce dogs that excel in Breed type, structure & soundness combined
with solid temperments. Our track record of breeding and showing National class
winners, multiple Specialty winners generation after generation have resulted in dogs that
we are extremely proud to be associated with.
Skyward Shelties has bred/owned 8 Champions to date, with many more major ptd. We
have also shown to finish or assisted with finishing numerous other Champions.
Prior to 1993, Vickie had been
known as Jackpot Shelties. Starting in
Shelties in 1978, she was very
succesful at handling Shelties during
this time. Her handling efforts were
awarded with several champions
and pointing/major pointing others
for clients during this period. Her
friendliness, comedic nature and
good sportmanship best describe her
in and around the show ring. She
is just starting to fulfill the
requirements of becoming a
licensed judge.

Laurie has been Skyward Shelties since 1983.
She is the brain behind the breedings here at
Skyward. Her foresight to see how 2 dogs
will compliment each other has served her
well producing multiple champions, most
of them specialty winners. She is also the
groomer behind the dogs at Skyward. Laurie is
happy to watch the dogs from ringside. She is in
the process of completing her requirements to
become a licensed judge, needing only to finish
the paperwork and apply. Laurie loves to shoot
photos for us and others.

Vickie & Randy
Our partnership has worked out very well. We have combined our talents and have come
up with some exciting results. Laurie enjoys the grooming aspect of the shows, making
them look spectacular while Vickie has always enjoyed the competative nature of showing
the dogs. We are both members of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association. Skyward
Shelties is located in southeastern Iowa. We show our dogs primarily in the midwestern US,
but on occasion travel to other areas. We never miss an opportunity to learn from others
and share our knowledge. We always enjoy meeting other breeders on our travels and have
made some wonderful freindships along the way. We look forward to meeting you in the
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ASSA Members since 1993
Laurie Kron and Vickie Knepper were both successful Sheltie breeder/exhibitors before
joining forces in 1993.