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CH Banchory Feel My Thunder
CH Mainstay Mary Mary
CH Tambay Rainbow Warrior
CH Kismets Dynasty ROM
Kell I'm Really Blue
Banchory Darkness
Banchory Painted On
Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM
Tall Timber Teresa
CH Banchory Peerless ROM
CH Liz Bi Stonewall
CH Shadypines The Elizabethian ROM
Banchory Reflection ROM
Tall Timber Waiting To Exhale
2 pts
CH Flair Pearl Of Damalee CD
CH Our Ginger Blossom
Caledon Quotation
Our Highland Heather
CH Banchory Formal Notice ROM
Tall Timber Crown Jewel
Pawthorne Bi Fair Lady
CH Banchory SIlver Shadows
CH Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM
CH Tall Timber Regal Aire
CH Banchory Thousands Cheered
CH Banchory Formal Notice ROM
Shariton Banchory Stardust
Banchory Without Notice
Banchory Shasta Kalina
CH Tall Timber Constant Comment
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