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CH Banchory Thousands Cheered
CH Banchory Peerless ROM
Banchory Blue Moon II
Banchory Without Notice
Tall Timber Teresa
CH Banchory Feel My Thunder
CH Banchory Thousands Cheered
CH Harvest Hills Final Word
CH Macdega Times Square
CH Macdega Time Bandit
CH Tall Timber Constant Comment
CH Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM
Tall Timber Sierra Tango
Banchory Without Notice
Macdega No Matter What
CH Sunset Sneak Preview
CH Sunset Winter Echoes
CH Skywards Unique Physique
Winwoods Blue Fantasy
Marfrays Me And My Shadow pts
Emeraude Silver Charm
CH Pinelands Jenny Be Good
Pineland Jet Set pts
CH Final Notice By Stonewall
Can CH Skywards As Good As It Gets
4 pts 1 Mjr
Andante Classic Rendition
CH Banchory Classic Image ROM
Andante Keeper Of The Flame
CH Summersong Winter Wish
Verlyn's Arisaidh N' Lace
Tall Timber Just One Look Mjr ptd.
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