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CH Banchory Feel My Thunder
Odyssey In Silhouette
CH Tall Timber Constant Comment
Tall Timber Sierra Tango
CH Macdega Time Bandit
CH Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM
Tall Timber Teresa
CH Banchory Peerless ROM
KIsmets Bittersweet
CH KIsmets Dynasty ROM
CH Fairlight Dust In The Wind
Skywards Kharisma
Dam Of 2 Champions
Ashwood Ice Queen
Kabrins Whirlwind Mystique Mjr ptd
CH Ashwood Son Of A Witch
CH Kismets Status Quo
Our Highland Heather
Macdega Rainbow pts
CH Mainstay Mary Mary
CH Macdega The Piano Man ROM
CH Flair Pearl Of Damalee CD
CH Banchory High Born ROM
Roydon Cinnamin Twist
Caledon Quotation
Flair Lark Of Damalee
CH Our Ginger Blossom
CH Tambay Rainbow Warrior
Back to Skywards Kharisma
CH Skywards Rhythms Gonna Get Ya